Force Majeure (1989)Force Majeure 1989


Released: February 1989

Label: Polygram (838 016-2)

Line-Up: Doro Pesch (vocals), Jon Devin (guitar), Tommy Henricksen (bass), Bobby Rondinelli (drums)


  1. A Whiter Shade of Pale 3:49 (Keith Reid & Gary Brooker)

  2. Save My Soul 3:47 (Doro Pesch/Joey Balin)

  3. World Gone Wild 3:54 (Doro Pesch/Joey Balin)

  4. Mission of Mercy 3:57 (Doro Pesch/Joey Balin)

  5. Angels With Dirty Faces 3:59 (Doro Pesch/Joey Balin)

  6. Beyond The Trees 2:28 (Doro Pesch/Joey Balin)

  7. Hard Times 3:32 (Doro Pesch/Joey Balin)

  8. Hellraiser 4:57 (Doro Pesch/Joey Balin/Tommy Henricksen)

  9. I Am What I Am 2:35 (Pesch/Balin/Henricksen)

  10. Cry Wolf 4:47 (Doro Pesch/Joey Balin/Tommy Henricksen)

  11. Under The Gun 3:49 (Pesch/Balin/Henricksen/Devin)

  12. River Of Tears 3:55 (Pesch/Balin/Henricksen)

  13. Bis Aufs Blut :36 (Pesch)

SINGLES/VIDEOS: "Hard Times" & "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"

Album Notes: Arranged & Produced by Joey Balin. Engineered & Mixed by Jeff Hendrickson. Additional Engineering by Dominick Maita. Assisted by Brooke Hendricks, Brian Stover & Micheal White. Recorded at: Kajem/Victory, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania and Right Track Recording, New York City. Mixed at Right Track Recording. Mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi. Production Coordinator: Stephanie Tudor.