For the last several months, Doro Pesch has been hard at work promoting her latest album "Calling The Wild". She continues to prove to be one of the hardest working, dedicated, gracious and down-to-earth artists in the music business. Prior to the soundcheck at Lakesides in Long Island, New York, Doro was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions. Read onÖ

TONY: How did the recent European tour go?
DORO: It was fantastic! I think it was really phenomenal. We played between 2 Ĺ and 3 hours every night. Sometimes we had to play like 8 encores, because people would go really, really crazy and I always thought that when people get that excited you have to give them what they deserve.

TONY: The Hamburg show was probably one of the best that Iíve ever seen.
DORO: Yeah, I agree. I think Hamburg was definitely one of the best shows of the tour. It was really exciting to go to all of these new countries where we have never been like Portugal. In Portugal we played this really cool club where the people were so fantastic. They were all singing along, it was unbelievable! We played Spain, which we havenít played in a long time Ė it was great! And of course one of the most memorable gigs was Moscow.

TONY: How was the audience reaction in Moscow?
DORO: It was mind blowing! It was totally sold out, but there were at least a thousand people in front of the venue. It was really cold when we went to Moscow, but inside people were passing out because the temperature was so high and sweaty and no oxygen. Some people had to be pulled out of the audience.

TONY: Did you do the same opening in Moscow (that you had been doing on the German tour) of "White Wedding" with the whole wedding ceremony that starts the show?
DORO: No, we didnít. We just did that in Germany, but we didnít do it in any of the other European countries. We opened up with "I Rule The Ruins" because this is always my favorite opener, but in Germany I thought "White Wedding" with the whole dark ceremony, that would be great. At some gigs we had this guy with us - his name is Dex DeVille - he did like a fire show, spitting fire and swallowing fire and he was actually part of our wedding ceremony. He was also the guy who brought the snakes on tour, but we couldnít do it at every show, because for the animals its hell being on the tour buses (laughs). So we could only do it once in a while.

TONY: How did last years US tour with DIO go?
DORO: It was really, really unbelievable!

TONY: Itís been a long time. What was it like finally playing the states again after all these years?
DORO: I have been dying to play here again Ė like you know so well Ė for years and years. Then we got the opportunity to play on the DIO tour. This couldnít have been a better tour. It was definitely if not the tour of the year, one of the tours of the year. I think the bill was great and we got along so well. For me my personal highlight was the three shows we did in Florida. I sang "Man on the Silver Mountain" and "Long Live Rock Ní Roll" together with Ronnie. The fans just loved it!

TONY: So itís possible that you could tour with DIO again?
DORO: Yeah, yeah. It went so well. They went out on the road again, but we had already had our European tour booked. The DIO people asked us if we would like to come out on the road again. I was really heart broken that we couldnít do it. Iím sure we will tour together again. It fit so perfect, we got along great, and there was so much magic there and a good vibe. I think the fans loved all the bands.

TONY: Was it difficult only playing 30 minute sets on that tour, when you are used to play 2-2 Ĺ hour sets in Germany?
DORO: That was very difficult, but I thought that in 30 minutes I would make the best out of it. I didnít play any ballads Ė usually I love to play ballads. I thought I just wanted to hit them hard and get the energy level up. Going from a 3 hour set to only 30 minutes, it was very hard to pick the right songs.

TONY: How did you go about picking the set list for the DIO tour?
DORO: Just by instinct. I wanted to pick the songs, which I believed people would love to hear. There was a mixture between my favorite Warlock songs like "All We Are", "East Meets West, "I Rule The Ruins" and "Metal Tango".

TONY: I think a lot of fans would love to hear "True As Steel" and "Fight For Rock". Is there any chance of adding any of those songs to your set list?
DORO: "Fight For Rock" I think we should actually rehearse. There are so many songs to choose from. Weíve done 12 or 13 albums and itís really hard to please all of the people. In Europe we played 2 hours and the encores were actually chosen by the fans, they would call them out and we would play different songs each night.

TONY: Following these dates with Britny Fox are there any plans to do any more touring in the US?
DORO: After this we do a couple of more gigs in Germany. Then we will try to get something in June for the states.

TONY: Why did you decide to re-record "Terrorvision", "Dedication" & "Pain" from "Love Me in Black" for "Calling The Wild"?
DORO: For the simple reason that the record wasnít released here in the states and I wanted to make sure that the American fans could get the songs. "Terrorvision", "Dedication" & "Pain" were favorites of mine and it sucked that the record didnít get released in the states.

TONY: Are you happy with the way "Calling The Wild" was received by the fans and media?
DORO: Yeah, totally! I read 90% great reviews and good articles.  Actually, Itís not so important what the media says, I know I do it for the fans. I know I do it for the people who love the music.

TONY: The song "Dedication" has struck a chord with many fans. What was the inspiration behind the message of that song?
DORO: I felt so strongly about it and it just came out immediately. I just wanted write a song "For peace and Freedom", but I didnít want to call it "For Peace and Freedom", because I felt it would be too obvious Ė it wouldnít be as powerful.

TONY: Itís a great live song too.
DORO: Totally, totally! I think so too. I love playing that song live.

TONY: I read where you and Nick are going to be in a movie. Whatís going on with that?
(At this point bass player Nick Douglas joins the conversation)
NICK: I talked to the director a few weeks ago. Heís working on two films right now. Heís also working on a gangster film which he is probably going to start shooting in May. So itís been sort of pushed back a little bit - the whole production on the thriller, but he totally intends to do it. I think his strategy is once he does the gangster film heís going to have even more budget money for the thriller, so heíd rather wait and get that right, before rushing into it.

TONY: Do you know the title of the movie?
NICK: It was called "The Final Cut" but he changed the name and hasnít told us to what yet (laughs).

TONY: Is it a big role?
NICK: Itís a big scene that involves Doro and I. Its sort of a twisted kind of story about a director whose auditioning actors for a horror film but theyíre doing what they think are very close to real reenactments of killings and things Ė stabbings and drills and knives and guns and things. But itís actually really happening. They think the props are fake but theyíre actually real, so they end up killing each other.

TONY: A lot of your ballads are heartbreaking. What is the inspiration behind those?
DORO: I think sad lyrics are just meant for a ballad, itís what really can touch the deepest string of your heart. I think the whole life existence is made out of so much pain. I love ballads because I can relate to pain so much Ė it feels like second nature. I love doing ballads as much as I love doing heavy stuff. I always feel that every facet of the emotional personality or mood should go on the records.

TONY: I heard that you were going to be taking part in the Ronnie James Dio project "Children of the Night". Care to elaborate?
DORO: We gave them the song "Children of the Night" and I heard that they liked it very much, so I hope something good will come out of it.

TONY: Are you collecting ideas for your next album or is it still too soon?
DORO: I have some ideas already. Iím already working on some songs. I got so much inspiration out of the last year, thereís a couple of things in the making. I think the fans will love it.

TONY: Will the music continue in the same direction as "Calling The Wild"?
DORO: I think every song will be unique. Not one song will sound alike Itíll definitely have the whole spectrum from totally heavy to sensitive and gentle. The sound definitely will be powerful. We want to try and make it more intense, more energetic. It should definitely be raw, it shouldnít sound polished at all.

TONY: In closing, is there anything you would like to say to the fans that might be reading this?
DORO: I want to thank all the fans that have seen the tour and the concerts for making us feel so good. It was so super exciting, the American tour and the European tour. I was dying to play all these places that I havenít played in a long time and seeing the people from years ago Ė that was just such a thrill and I hope I can see them again soon. They can be totally assured that I will always try to give 120% to make it magic. Thatís what I live for and I thank them for all the support for all these years.

Interview conducted be Tony Cannella/